Belgian Student League
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1 vs 1
1/32 Players

Burger King of The Hill #1

The Tournament Series are here!
The Tournament Series are here!
Quick details
  • Check-In
    16/11/2021 18:00 CEST
  • Start
    16/11/2021 19:00 CEST
  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • 1/32
  • Single Elimination
  • PC
  • Online
General information

Are you ready for a challenge? Find out if you are qualified to take on the best of the best. Burger King pushes forward their own (Burger) KING Of The Hill. A CSGO champion in his own right. He is the monarch of burgers, first of his name, father of the perfect headshots. He has a rank so high it had to be removed. All this time he was waiting. Planning. He was getting ready. He. is. THE -wait for it- KING. Are you ready to take him on?

Prove yourself in one of the 4 qualifiers. It is an AIM challenge on the map called The King's Rush. Shoot down the invaders in the Burger King restaurant and get invited to the final on the 30th of November in Turnhout.

During the finals, take on the other winners of the qualifiers in gungame. As the victor, your extra bonus is taking on the one and only KING. A known CSGO player. The undefeated. Zero deaths. No one has seen his face, not even his mother. He is a rebel with a cause. One cause. CSGO.

The winner of every qualifier wins 1.000 Burger King coins in the Burger King app. 

The Grand Finals winner walks away with 150 Burger King Burgers!

By participating, you'll also score points for your student esports association in the €7000 Tournament Series. Make sure to add your student association to your profile!