Belgian Student League
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CS:GO Student Showdown - Qualifier 1

The Tournament Series are here!
The Tournament Series are here!


Platform: PC

Game: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Map Pool: Ancient • Anubis • Inferno • Mirage • Nuke • Overpass • Vertigo

Qualifiers: Single Elimination, Best of One - Top 2 advance to the Playoffs
Playoffs: Single Elimination, Best of Three

Regardless of the match type, Team A and B are chosen through a coin flip. The winner choses to start or let their opponent start the draft.

Bo1 Matches:
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map
Team A bans 1 map
Team B picks 1 of the remaining maps
Team A picks side for the map

Bo3 Matches:
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map
Team A picks map 1
Team B picks side for map 1
Team B picks map 2
Team A picks side for map 2
Team A bans 1 map
Team B bans 1 map
Map 3 is the remaining map
Team A picks side for map 3

Don't forget to check-in 1 hour prior to the start of the tournament! This way we know you are ready to play. Players who are not checked-in, will not be able to participate in the tournament.




The admin has the final say and their decision is non-debatable. Contact the admin on Discord. All communication is confidential.



If there is a dispute over the score, only a screenshot with a timestamp will be accepted as valid proof.



If a player disconnects during a game and is not able to return, he will lose by forfeit. No exceptions. If the opponent disconnects, don't leave the game until you have confirmation from an admin that you are the winner. Take a screenshot.



Scores need to be filled in on the tournament page after the game, this can be done by going to the "Results" tab. If a team doesn't fill in their match result, the bracket will not be updated.



Cheats are not allowed. If a player is caught cheating, he will be banned from all BSL tournaments for a period of 2 years.



The team on the top side of the bracket hosts the match. Teams are responsible for hosting their own server. If they do not have a server, they can use this service (or similar services). Where possible, matches should be played on 128-tick rate servers.