Belgian Student League
Accent Accent
1 vs 1
15/64 Players

The Pringles Speed Run

The Tournament Series are here!
The Tournament Series are here!
Quick details
  • Check-In
    03/04/2023 00:01 CET
  • Start
    From 03/04/2023
  • Trackmania
  • 15/64
  • Leaderboard
  • PC
  • Online
General information

Warm up your tires because it's time to race! Prove that you got what it takes to set the fastest time possible on the track. Load up the map and go for the fastest Belgian student record to win some amazing prizes, and of course, the honor of winning this speed run challenge. More information on what you need to do to prove legitimacy can be found in the rules.

Head on over to the Spring 2023 Campaign and hop on Map 20 to prove yourself!

From: Mon 3 April  
Until: Sun 16 April 

Tournament Series:
The goal behind the tournament series is to participate as much as possible to collect points for the leaderboard. The top 5 communities with the most participation will receive a nice cash prize to invest in their community.

This Tournament counts toward the Tournament Series, so you can enter as many players as possible.