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BSL House of HR Cup - Q2

The Tournament Series are here!
The Tournament Series are here!


Platform: PC

Game: League of Legends

Format: The House of HR Cup qualifiers are BO1, single elimination.

Games: Tournament Draft

Participants: This tournament is only for students from Belgium. Before the start of the tournament, teams will be asked to send an admin valid proof of registation to your university or university of applied sciences (hogeschool). Participants who are not an active student, will be immediately disqualified.

The check-in opens up 1 hour before the start of the tournament, don't forget to check in! Teams who are not checked in, will not be able to participate.

Example: If the tournament is set to start at 19:00, teams will be able to check-in between 18:00 and 18:59.


Tournament Series

This tournament is part of the Tournament Series.

Points for participation: 5 points per player

Points for final placement per player:

#1 - 20 points
#2 - 15 points 
#3 - 10 points 
#4 - 10 points 


General rules


The team on the top side of the bracket creates the custom lobby and invites the other players.



The admin has final say and their decision is non-debatable. Contact the admin on Discord. All communication is confidential, and cannot be shared without permission from the admin.



Substitutes are not allowed during a qualifier, unless due to emergency. If you'd like to sub in a player, contact the tournament admin.

Once a team wins a qualifier, and qualifies for the playoffs, they are allowed to add up to 2 substitute players to their roster. Substitute players must follow the same roster requirements as main players. They must be active students, studying at a University or University of Applied Science (hogeschool) in Belgium.



A screenshot of the end game lobby must be shared in Discord as verification. If a screenshot is not able to be shared, and teams cannot agree about the result of the game, both teams will be disqualified.



If a player disconnects during a game, the teamcaptain must pause the game immediately. Timeouts or tactical pauses can be taken no longer than 5 minutes and 2 times per game.


No show:

If a team is not ready to start playing the game 15 minutes after the official starting time of the tournament, they will be disqualified. Before disqualification, this always has to be confirmed by an admin.



Scores need to be filled in on the tournament page after the game, this can be done by going to the "Results" tab. If a team doesn't fill in their match result, the bracket will not be updated.



Cheats are not allowed. If a player is caught cheating, they will be disqualified immediately en will receive a ban from future Belgian Student League competitions.


Side selection:

The teamcaptain of the team on the topside of the matchup will start a coin toss. The winner of that toss can choose the starting side.


Banned Champions:

Recently added champions will be banned until two weeks after release. If exactly two weeks have passed after the release of a champion, this champion will be allowed to be played.